With globally knowledge and experience in Medical business and others, Dutch Trading Group B.V. can be of assistance to any wholesale, traders or business groups in the world.
Our mind set is to use our network to supply products and knowledge.
Get access to our network pool of cooperating organizations in order to get the desired outcome in products and services.

Raymond Frijns, Founder and CEO, is a born entrepreneur and was a young talented soccer player. Connecting, communicating and leadership.
Together Everyone Achieves More is his mind set and learned this very well during his youth at the local professional soccer club.
Discipline, winner mentality and strong communicating skills in various teams with many different personalities.
Over the last 5 years he set out his strategy for DTG which leads him to a respected medical wholesale.

“We believe in a multicultural business structure in which professionalism, passion and communication are key values.”

Mission Statement 

As Dutch Trading Group B.V.  we offer innovative solutions. Leading in innovative solutions, enables us to seal the gap between business supply and demand. Our achievements so far enabled us lots of customers who are very satisfied with our way of working. Strong communicating skills in a directly and open way.  Acting fast on new opportunities in a dynamic trading world and through innovative methodologies and technologies.

For all sales there are general terms of condition applied. Please read the terms of conditions, by confirming orders and purchasing goods you automatically accept these terms of conditions.