‘CO’ stands for corona, ‘VI’ for virus, and ‘D’ for disease. Formerly, this disease was referred to as ‘2019 novel coronavirus’ or ‘2019-nCoV.’ The COVID-19 virus is a new virus linked to the same family of viruses as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and some types of common cold.

We, Dutch Trading Group, are dedicated to bring a swift service in these remarkable times. Covid19 has affected entire nations, governments, healthcare providers, entrepreneurs and even families. 


Faced with biggest challenges known to mankind. 

Dutch Trading Group is reinventing sales and purchase processes with our unique international network pool of organizations. 
Breach barriers in cost saving solutions for Global health care management. 
All Striving for a better, healthier and easier accessible future.
With clear Sales ordering procedures, transparant communication and flexible working hours we are the trusted partner you are looking for. 
We guide the process and support in documentation, contracts and negotiations. 
We bring buyer and seller together. 
Variaties of well known brand products and cooperative factories all over the globe. 

  • (surgical) Masks
  • (surgical) Gloves 
  • Gowns
  • Ventilators